Tarot Readings, Metaphysical Counseling

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Tarot Readings, Metaphysical Counseling

Tarot Readings, Metaphysical Counseling
with Jordan X. Rand

Tarot Readings, Metaphysical Counseling

    SESSIONS OF TIME with, Rev. Jordan Xavier Rand.... and the relevant fees.... are stipulated below. This information is applicable to both telephone meetings and personal meetings.... however.... if travel is required.... for Rev. Rand to travel domestically or internationally to meet with a client is possible.... an additional fee will be incurred. Its cost will be determined by geography and travel time. Please inquire if applicable.

    IN ANY EVENT.... should you call and be connected with, Rev. Rand's voice messaging, please record your call back information & an appropriate time to return your call.
Your call will be returned as promptly as is possible.

    PLEASE NOTE FURTHER: All CLIENTS must be at least eighteen years of age to engage meeting time with, Rev. Rand.... or have the documented permission of a parent, guardian or therapist.

    IN THE INSTANCE OF AN IN PERSON MEETING.... sessions can be paid for with cash, money order, personal check or credit card.
    PLEASE NOTE: All credit card purchases are processed by PayPal, however; customers ARE NOT required to have a PayPal account in order to initiate a credit card transaction (simply, click below on the appropriate ADD TO CART button and enter your transaction information).

    USA CLIENTELE wishing to establish either telephone or personal appointments with, Rev. Rand.... may do so by calling after 3 pm USA Mountain Time, 719-465-7711.... or by emailing.... .
    USA CLIENTELE meeting with Rev. Rand.... be it a telephone meeting or an in person meeting.... may be paid for by means of a credit card transaction via PayPal Credit Card Processing. PayPal Credit Card Processing is utilized exclusively by, Rev. Jordan Xavier Rand / Divine Presence Administries, LLC., because it is state of the art and extremely secure. Your credit card information is encrypted as you enter it online and is never revealed.... not even to us.

    INTERNATIONAL CLIENTELE.... wishing to establish either a telephone or in person appointment with Rev. Rand; can also call his office after 3pm MOUNTAIN TIME USA, 719-646-9087 ( international prefix >>>>1 ).... or contact him by email.... .
    INTERNATIONAL CLIENTELE communicating with, Jordan Xavier Rand must speak English or arrange to have a translator present.
    PLEASE NOTE: in the instance of an international telephone meeting.... international clients must initiate the call from their telephone.
    ALSO PLEASE NOTE: International credit card transactions may be placed via PayPal credit card processing if the international client is initiating a transaction from a country that is supported by PayPal. If the international client wishes to initiate a transaction from a country that is not supported by PayPal....
please consult with Rev. Rand to discuss other payment options.


American Express

Jordan Xavier Rand Metaphysical Consultations::

One Session Consultation > Primary
$50.00 USD

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