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Tarot Readings, Metaphysical Counseling

Jordan X. Rand
Bio / Consultation Format / Consultation Covenant

Jordan Xavier Rand

I.... Jordan Xavier Rand, am and have been a
chartered minister of metaphysics since 1995.
I have maintained certification as a
metaphysical pastoral counselor since 1996. I have engaged in private practice as a metaphysical
consultant, personal reader and confidant since 2009.
Since age fifteen or so.... I have been a channelize of Spirit at large.... and since very early childhood.... as far back as I can remember
I have been an acutely sensitive / responsive, empathic individual.
To Note.... this has not at all been an easy predilection.... and the convoluted path that it has
incurred has been.... treacherous for me and for those who have loved me.... most
especially during my youth and early adulthood. Yes.... it most certainly has been
illuminating and by way of this thoroughfare I have come to be able to understand
and commune within Dark Light.... and I do remain exceedingly grateful for the
conversance and for the privilege of seer affinity.... and that my relationship with Spirit
remains vivid and vivacious.
None the less....

    Moving on and toward the regard of this Dark Light<>Divine Shine™ website.... I
would say that most significantly.... I am a wily cultivated metaphysician, seer,
metaphysical consultant, personal reader and confidant. All of my Metaphysical
Consultations and Glamourie Readings™ are foundationed by the stolid principles of Cosmic
Accord, Metaphysical Science, Koan Metaphysics™ and the Glamourie Technique that
infrastructure my empathic, channeling and communicative propensities.

    PLEASE NOTE: “ Glamourie “ is an arcane, old world, Sclavic Gypsy Craft technique, which defined....
stipulates the state of consciousness / awareness / third eye mindfulness that is conducive to revelationary conveyance,
beholding truthful visions and the accumulation of energetic facts. This Glamourie paradigm.... was innovated as a
framework within which to soul read... wherein a given soul's matrix may be gleaned and one's destined karma and one's
free will quotients within.... which are the foundational factors of life, fate options and soul continuance.... may be ascertained and
evaluated. It is therein that the dynamics of incarnation, karma, circumstance, dharma, possibility, solution, resolution
and evolution reside.
Down into the rabbit hole we will go.... so to speak.... so as to gander into your very own
Wonderland.... and to see just what the natures of your windlestraws are!

    PLEASE ALSO NOTE: “ Metaphysics “ is the Spirited and Pragmatic Science that seeks to ascertain the
VERY TRUE NATURE OF YOUR PERSONAL REALITY via the discernment of “ first cause principles “..... and
strives to accomplish an integrated matrix that merges and emerges the Tao of the Divine & Tao of the Soul.
Understanding, Managing and Affecting your Personal and / or Relationship Metaphysics.... is " Artful Avenue " toward the
substantial life and afterlives you desire to live.

    PLEASE NOTE FURTHERMORE: Metaphysics is not Mysticism or Psychism. Metaphysics is
not Magick or lore or astrology or Scientology or religion. Metaphysics True....True Metaphysical
Undertaken / Understood / Applied / in accord with its highest expression.... endeavors to
provide illuminations for life's questions unanswered.... and for life equations that remain improperly
or unsatisfactorily.... designated or explained by the quadruplicity of the typical psychological,
psychiatric, criminal justice and religious formats that are commonly utilized as the definitive arenas
within which to categorize human beings. It is commonplace that these aforementioned formats of....
Psychology, Psychiatry, Criminal Justice and Religion.... are prescribed without the consideration of or
the implementation of Metaphysics....
as the navigational longitudes & latitudes for persons in our
societies and cultures who are in crisis or within dilemma or under siege.... or who are simply and
naturally questing within their own obligation of self-exploration & development toward loftier, more
meaningful self-definition, relationship with self, relationship with others and in culmination....
relationship with Divinity.
>>>>PLEASE NOTE AS WELL: Koan Metaphysics™ <<<< is the metaphysical, inquisitive /
interpretive art that strives to determine, evaluate and solve the metaphysical koans / riddles
of one's life.

A “ Koan ” defined, is a “ Riddle ” , that seemingly makes no sense. It is an inquisitive format utilized
by Zen Masters to expand and extend the IQ of their students. When the assigned riddle is deciphered by the
student.... the student's intelligence quotient is inevitably and substantially aggrandized. The student
evolves spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and intellectually.... and thereby becomes more so
Metaphysical Koans / Metaphysical Riddles.... can be.... and are.... associated with any matter.... all matters of human incarnation / experience.
A primary / cardinal lesson of one's life is almost always hallmarked by a koan.

    The International Metaphysical Ministry™, wherein & whereof I maintain my ministerial / legal
charter, has been established as a legal metaphysical / spiritual / educational / ministerial entity for over
fifty years. Fountainheaded in Sedona, Arizona > USA.... the International Metaphysical Ministry™, in
alliance with the University of Metaphysics and the University of Sedona.... nobly embodies a worldwide
association of independent metaphysical students, teachers, administrators and ministers that are
dedicated to the practice of fundamental metaphysical principals, the teaching of them.... and to the
magnificent exploration of the Divine Metaphysical Extravaganza that is unique to each and every
human being.

    To stipulate philosophically.... I did not ordain as a minister of metaphysics because of any affinity
toward or allegiance to any particular code or creed or religion or person or entity or deity or God. I
became and remain to be a Reverent minister because.... I dearly love to be a knight-errant of Spirit Way
so to speak, which is what ultimately.... that any noble minister.... of any accord.... is.
    For this ministerial station.... I am Reverent. I keep Reverence for the Cosmos.... and Cosmic Law.
I keep Reverence for Creation in all of its renditions and aspects. I maintain Reverence for all Grand
Divine and Human Matrixes. I keep Reverence for life & lives and for those who are living them.
Of and for myself.... I am ever.... Reverent.

    Finally.... with regard to my own ministerial entity incorporation, Divine Presence Administries, LLC.
>>>>> I have been criticized on occasion for being a individual who claims & proclaims ministerial station &
entitlement and who has incorporated and who does expect financial compensation for my services
    PLEASE NOTE: There is not an institution of any persuasion at all that issues spiritual creed,
philosophy or mandate to me. Subsequently, there is not an entity that compensates me within their
    Given this and that.... I, like any other person on the planet.... am underwritten by fiscal matrix.
Indeed, I do charge money for my professional services.
    This given.... I think it is also important to mention.... that I will do from time to time.... pro bono
consultations.... given that one's need is great and their money is sparse.
    It is also true that as a minister, I do contribute to my social communities in whatever guise I am
called upon to proffer and can fulfill. SPIRIT / MIND / BODY / ECONOMICS.


    1) PLEASE NOTE: As a Personal Reader / Metaphysical Consultant.... my Bailiwick Reading /
Consultation Venue is extensive and diverse, as are my interests. Please refer to the Home
Page of this website to view my primary areas of Attention.

    2) GENERALLY, I AM NOT AVAILABLE AT RANDOM.... so it is prudent to make an appointment in advance. As well it is true.... that an appointment scheduled affords me some time to attune. My consultative sessions for new clients or for established clientele with new subject matter are two part advisements.... an initial meeting.... in person or telephone.... not to exceed 45 minutes.... and a second session.... not to exceed 15 minutes.... time for the second session to be established at the conclusion of our first session. My initial two session fee is > $100.00 USD.

    3) DURING THE FIRST SESSION OF A TWO SESSION CONSULTATION / READING WITH ME.... should you choose to honor me by entrusting me with yourself..... there must be veracious communication betwixt me and thee. So.... you absolutely must be willing to engage the enlivened Art of Conversation with me.... and you must be daring and unabashedly forthright and provide to me.... the completeness of yourself as it subsists within your equation of concern. Do not be shy or reserved.... and know that it is my Spirited obligation and my personal privilege to be of service to you.

    4) DURING THE SECOND SESSION OF A CONSULTATION / READING WITH ME.... once a melding is established betwixt myself and a client during an initial consultation.... the Reading / Consultation continues within me in one evolutionary regard or another. This happenstance is difficult to define as the parameters and nuances of these continuances vary from reading to reading. None the less and suffice to say that such progression is always so.

    5) SESSION TIME CAN BE UNDERTAKEN VIA TELEPHONE OR IN PERSON. Internet meeting / conferencing of any kind is not an option.


    7) WITH REGARD TO ME TRAVELING TO YOU TO READ / CONSULT: For those of you in, Colorado Springs, CO and nearby communities.... I am able to travel to you, should you wish me to consult for you at your location. There is an additional travel fee.


    1) UPON ENGAGING METAPHYSICAL CONSULTATIVE TIME / GLAMOURIE READING TIME WITH ME.... whatever your reason(s) may be for doing so.... and given that you are genuine, earnest and courageous within the discourse of our interaction.... and should honestly ascertain at our session's conclusion, that your time with me was not well invested.... bearing in mind that you may not be told what you want or hope to here.... then no $pending will be required.

    2) PLEASE NOTE.... that within a consultation / reading, I will be absolutely candid and forthright.... as I expect a client to be with me. I do not do " fluff stuff " and I am more proficient, satisfying and satisfied as a Consultant / Reader / Confidant / Advisor, when I am negotiating the genuineness of any stipulated matrix for an earnestly questing soul. Most respectfully, if you want fluff or easy or pastime....
I am not the Consultant / Advisor / Reader / Confidant for you!

    3) ALSO I WILL STIPULATE >>>>> If for one reason or another I am unable to Read for you at a given time.... or.... if as the universe unfolds....I am unable to Read for you at all.... I will tell you so truly.

                     Thank you for your kind Attention.
                             Mighty Blessings & Good Fortune to all....

                                                                  Rev. Jordan Xavier Rand

Rev. Jordan Xavier Rand, M.Msc.PC > Resume
Phone: 719-465-7711
Email :

Work Experience

1) Ordained Minister of Metaphysical Science and advisor therein and thereof since 1995 to present.

2) Board certified Pastoral Consultant. From 1996 to present.

3) Street Minister at large since 2004 to present.

4) CEO of Divine Presence Administries, LLC. > Colorado Springs, CO since 2009 to present.

5) Gemstone and mineral vibrational healing and personal enhancement theory, research and application. From 1993 to present.

6) Alternative herbal product > concept, development, marketing and sales. 1994 to 2002.

7) Innovator of the Pentacle Tarot format > 2017.


1) Graduated from Gary Wirt High School in Miller Beach, Indiana in 1972.

2) B. A. in Metaphysical Science. Religious degree awarded in 1995. Pastoral Counseling Board Certification in 1996. International Metaphysical Ministry ( I.M.M.) / University of Metaphysics in Sedona, Arizona.

3) I am working concurrently on my Master's Thesis in Metaphysical Science and the dissertation for the subsequent Doctoral Degree. These essays will be hallmarked by comparative studies of the metaphysical relativities betwixt the Bible, The Holy Qur'an, The Tanakh, The Book of Mormon, The Protocols Of The Elders OF ZION and other various spiritual / metaphysical texts. TO NOTE: The truth is that I should have submitted these papers a good while ago. My original inclination was simply to acquire my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Metaphysical Science and to be ordained as a Metaphysical Minister however.... I am called to complete the aforementioned degrees. What can I say?? I have been busy > LOL.

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